Business Development Templates and Tools

Simply speaking, our goal is to provide you with business development templates, tools, ideas, intelligence and activities that will make you deliver outstanding work on your initiatives and in the process increasing your value, worth, and personal gratification. Our business development templates and tools are creative and comprehensive. They are already being used by the world’s best companies…large, small, and startups. Most of the key functional areas are covered. Click bold text links below for full details.

  • Business Planning – business plan, investor presentation, financial projections model, funding sources.
  • Change Management – change management plan, culture change plan
  • Financial Models – income statement forecast, balance sheet forecast, cash flow projection, ratio analysis
  • Joint Venture, Merger, & Acquisition – term sheet, letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, deal structure, definitive agreement, due diligence, business and company valuation, negotiation, post-merger integration
  • Sales & Marketing – sales plan, marketing plan, alternate channels, new product launch, trade show, sales letter, sales presentation, sales proposal.
  • Strategic Planning – strategic plan, swot, environmental scan, group facilitation
  • Help & Support – online and offline expert help from our team of highly accomplished professionals.
  • Hire a Freelancer – Too pressed for time and your deadline is looming? Want to completely outsource your project to a freelancer/consultant? Don’t stress, hire the best!

PLUS: High performance tools to do great work, and shock and awe:

With these 100% tested and 100% proven templates and tools, there is no need to be a wheel re-inventor. Besides, most wheel re-inventors end up doing a poor job. Why stress and risk your career, when what you are trying to do has already been done by some else?