A Assessment of the Integris Health Multi-Amount Marketing System

A Assessment of the Integris Health Multi-Amount Marketing Application

The Integris Health Area was registered in February 1996 which suggests they have been close to a very long time. Their Domain Contacts originate out of Oklahoma Metropolis, Oklahoma. Integris Health was initially founded in 1983 ahead of any one realized how to log into the internet and the function of this Multi level marketing Company is to financially aid the Integris Baptist Healthcare Centre in Oklahoma Metropolis. The Multi-level marketing Portion of this company released in 1997. Larry Cantrell and Willam Kellas are the two persons who established this company. William Kellis also wrote a couple textbooks. A single is referred to as Surviving the Poisonous Crisis and the other is Thriving in a Toxic Globe.

The most remarkably renowed product Integris Health (numerous instances referred to as Integris Global now) sells is identified as Life Solubles. This product is designed from rice and has over seventy anti-oxidants current. The company claims the consequences of this product just take spot immediately, and that speedier absorption is just what mother nature meant. One more product they sell is named Kona Gold. This product is made up of plankton and algae that is gathered close to the Oceans of Hawaii and that nutrition and minerals are extracted from this plankon and algae.

The company claims that all the Volcanic Exercise continuously taking place in about 2,000 of deep seawater have above the hundreds of years been in a continuous state of nutrient enrichment. This varieties what is known as Glacial Milk which is exempt from herbicides, pesticides as well as heavy metal contamination. Integris Health also has a product known as the Paragon Procedure which is applied for cleaning parasites.

The Multilevel marketing Compensation Plan for Integris Health is a single amount fork out plan. The company pays 7% on stages 1-5 and 3% on stage 6. Any individual who is over 18 a long time aged can be part of this system, and the company has a overall of 7 products you can promote for them.

From what I have read the Integris brand identify hasn’t been broadly promoted or is it however recognized as a serious participant. Also my comprehending is that these products have not nonetheless been approved by the Food and drug administration. Nonetheless in all fairness this is the situation with a good deal of Network marketing Organizations operating these days.

Selling Integris Health goods could end up staying harder to market than a lot of mainstream Mlm Courses out there. I say this simply because I do not see significantly in chopping edge banners, adhere to-up systems, lead technology techniques or huge recruiters on board. So at the very least selling their products and solutions on the Net could be an uphill struggle. Having said that if you are selling these to a modest team of individuals for a little extra cash, these types of as your church team they could promote very very well.

The Integris Business Owners (IBO) Kit is only $29.95 to get began, so the financial commitment to get heading is very negligible if you required to get your ft soaked in this article and examination the waters. This begin-up package features the Procedures and Processes Handbook, the IBO Application, and particulars about the Integris Marketing and Payment Plan. They also include retail receipts and fairly a little bit much more goodies. Based on the time this company was registered its domain, and the simple fact that we haven’t noticed any issues and their very low commence-up expense, I would undoubtedly say this company is respectable and does not raise any red flags with us.

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