Adapting Brand Communication to Latino Lifestyle

Adapting Brand Communication to Latino Lifestyle

In advance of every single examination he gave us, a professor of mine would repeat his mantra: “go through the problem, solution the query.” His intent was to remind us of the essentials: When he wrote the dilemma, he was hunting for certain information. The query is developed to induce a specific reaction, response it in the context in which it is becoming requested.

When it comes to brand advertising there is no change every thing is built to make a sought after reaction from a specific group. Reply to our request, obtain our “widget”. When we refer to Latino advertising, the principal is identical, but the problem/request ought to be fashioned with the cultural industry segment in thoughts. The dilemma or in this circumstance the proposition has to be drafted otherwise to get the exact expected response as the normal marketplace.

Take into consideration the beer industry in which we are bombarded by advertisement messages irrespective of the brand. How do we make which means that can hook up with the specific Latino viewers? Feel about a Tv set advertisement you need to have seen, try to remember the commercial in a Latino nursing home, a Latina outdated woman watching a Latino cleaning soap opera? You see her finding up a beer and the brand of it, she beverages it and following her grand son leaves, she turns younger and begins dancing to Latino music. The context of the business is Latinized by way of Latin Americans celebrating, speaking in Spanish jargon and putting on Latino outfits, when you’re viewing the beer brand and its motto in Spanish at the heart of the display. The commercial symbolically recreated a magical moment, one thing referred to as in Latin American literature “magic realism,” in which fantasy will come are living. The professional finishes, with the aged woman, now an interesting Latina declaring “señorita, no señora” and holding the product: beer.

In a person minute, the business captures the targeted viewers by recreating a instant unique to Latinos via a mythical cultural knowledge which the buyer identifies with no matter of the nation.

You see! The most effective advertisement campaigns establish the cultural segment to which the targeted viewers belongs. They make promotional pieces that resonate with their marketplace and really encourage them to connect and engage with the choices in their own cultural conditions.

Adapt Brand Communication Strategy to Latino Tradition

Achieving a qualified ethnic industry would not have to shake up your entire world. Current approaches can be adapted to meet up with a sector demand in various segments. It can be accomplished from the product to the promotion mix in purchase to attraction to localized cultures. In this case, we are going to focus on the promotion mix to illustrate how a brand should converse in a Latino sector segment.

When we refer to cultural branding, we are addressing a consumer’s localized historical working experience to connect with in a defined group or society independently from a different. The historical encounter is a culture variable that will normally change based on who the specific segment is no matter of society and language. Now for the sake of making my stage distinct, we are not likely to modify a brand’s style but the communication method as to how a brand really should transmit its this means and/or proposition when resonating with a Latino targeted viewers.

Latinos are accustomed to use most of their senses when assessing an chance or simply celebrating. Consider two women, 1 Anglo American and the other 1 a Latina (female) buyer heading to the produce part at the grocery store. Watermelon for lunch! What a excellent idea. The Anglo American woman realizes that the watermelon is large and eco-friendly and buys it, when the Latina woman faucets on it, holds it, appears to be like for white spots on the surface area, examines its coloring and and finally asks a clerk to minimize out a piece for tasting. The moment the Latina customer has evaluated each and every stage of the obtain, and is happy with the success, she purchases it. The level to be made from this paying for practical experience is that the typical Latina buyer relied on the sense of sound, touch, sight and taste to make a determination, whilst the standard American shopper evaluated the prospect only via the visible features of the watermelon.

Latino Branding: The System

If a marketer wants to Latinize a brand, he/she will have to determine the buyer, the consumer’s nationality, cultural qualifications, customs and assumed course of action in relationship to the put of origin (region).


The procedure of figuring out and pinpointing who the specific Latino customer will be is no distinctive than that employed for the basic marketplace. Even so, two vital variables ought to be considered as section of the information selection amid Latino shoppers: nationality and respective cultural qualifications.


We can get by stating that, for the most element, Latin American people share a related working experience pre-independence. From that date forward, even so, a unique identification emerges about political and economic progress of just about every nation. The latter generating a important affect on demographic and socio-cultural qualities which have an affect on the thinking system of just about every specific.

Cultural Track record

1 of most pertinent specifics to unveil among Latinos is their cultural qualifications as a issue of differentiation from one particular person to an additional relying on the region of origin.

This cultural background is motivated by localized environmental factors, these kinds of as:

Arts: new music, literature, painting, dance and cuisine
Fantasy: Folklore, legends, rituals and celebrations
Language: Colloquial vs . tutorial Spanish
Visuals: Colors, dressing codes and symbols

This is what Latinos stick to in their nation of origin, which in marketing, we refer to as an “knowledge,” a little something of their personal that are unable to be replicated and/or blended with one more Latin American modern society.

Cultural Elements in the Latino Consumer’s Branding System (Diagram not included in this report). See bullets below.

Cultural History
Thought Course of action


Life is loaded with customs and rituals, designs of habits and interaction that are uncovered and repeated, a little something historical that is passed from a person generation to a further. When Latinos immigrate to the US, they provide these customs with them. The most successful Entrepreneurs will learn how these customs differ from one particular Latino modern society to one more and design advertising plans that resonate with each group. As said in the illustration previously mentioned, the Latino feminine purchaser relied on a customary approach to purchasing watermelon in the grocery retailer. If the clerk at the retail outlet did not let her to taste the product in advance of getting it, she would most likely have long gone somewhere else to have her demands fulfilled. This is the very explanation as to why US grocery merchants have a Hispanic section, that is, retail entrepreneurs know that the evaluation and thought approach in Latino customers are decided by customs.

Thought Procedure

Latinos have a inclination to take a look at the big image and are not focused on a individual depth till they get in the opportunity as a full. This impacts the deliberation system. As opposed to snap judgments in the standard current market, a final decision system may get minutes, several hours or times depending on the product or the nature of the choices. As soon as again, contemplate the instance of the watermelon acquire.


I have pointed out the differing aspects within just the Latino lifestyle, but as a customer team, collectivism is also a vital cultural aspect to look at as Marketers build the question for the sought after reaction

A marketer need to be cognizant of the simple fact that Latinos are group oriented and the thought method might be motivated by just one or more participants in the final decision making system. This will most likely happen when an supplying is meant to provide extra than 1 specific in a family members or group. Contemplate the banking and health treatment industry in which the products and services available reach further than a solitary man or woman. When this takes place, there will be a family/team dialogue to consider the option and make a remaining choice.


If you are a marketer interested in this growing marketplace, take your time to learn who the focused Latino client is all about. Layout your proposition/queries centered on his/her localized working experience. When these factors shopper, nationality, cultural background, customs and imagined procedure are blended into an advertising piece, then you will seize their focus. When you do, you can genuinely say that brand Latinization is having put.

Get the Latino consumer to “go through the ideal question in just a focused cultural context, and they will answer the problem.” By undertaking so, your question (proposition) will get your wished-for reaction.

And, whilst you are busy performing more challenging, but not smarter, a lot of CEOs are entirely FEDUP of your lack of creativity and collaboration skills.

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