Astrology and Current market Segmentation

Astrology and Sector Segmentation

Can we utilize astrology for marketplace segmentation reasons? Let us check out the particular notion. Just one of the primary difficulties for marketers is to discover the psychographic properties of their concentrate on groups. In other words it is complicated to have an understanding of their probable customers’ personalities, values, attitudes, interests, and life. Marketers can have a lot of facts for their potential clients behaviors for example the webpages they have visited, the products they have procured and so on but they do not have a clue about who they definitely are.

The only way to gather this sort of info is to encourage their prospects to fill in difficult psychological questionnaires, but this is of class pretty optimistic…

So below is where astrology can play a essential job in pinpointing men and women psychographic characteristics. The terrific benefit of astrology is that with minimum amount amount of money of details, only the date and time of prospects’ birth, can make their pretty analytic character profiles. That information can be conveniently combined with prospects’ demographics and behavioral information to realize a more exact segmentation of your sector.

The problem that the natural way arises is “Can we count on astrology for business challenges?” I lately browse a reserve about astrology whose author, a perfectly-recognised astrologer stated that “I do not know why astrology works but it does work!” Astrology is an historic exercise, it has been dated to the 3rd millennium BC, and not only has survived up to now, but it is thoroughly used by millions of people today globally. That usually means that although astrology can not be scientifically proved it has deep roots in our collective unconscious. Also the reality that astrology won’t be able to be proved it will not suggest that we can reject it, this is not a scientific technique.

The utilization of astrology for market place segmentation has already been investigated. In his paper “Employing astrology in sector segmentation” (1995), Management Final decision, Vol. 33 Iss: 1, pp.48 – 57, V-W. Mitchell, concludes that “Astrology could have some use when applied to specified populations or sub-groups in just specific lifestyle and personality-connected markets.”

The use of astrology, likely, enables us to incorporate the measurement of demographics, with the psychological insights of psychographics. It is ideal for segmentation reasons due to the fact it makes segments that are measurable, significant, obtainable, exhaustive, fairly stable over time, possible to answer in different ways in direction of distinct marketing packages and have clear boundaries.

Most folks agree that distinct symptoms of zodiac correspond to essentially unique sorts of personalities. So primarily based on the 12 zodiac signals we can have 12 segments. If we blend the ascendant with the 12 zodiac signals we can have 144 opportunity segments. If we incorporate more astrological parameters we can have even additional segments. If we utilize the personalized astrological chart of our potential clients we can have a pretty detailed psychographic profile for each and every one of them,which can be beneficial for a single to one marketing. The possible of employing astrology for market place segmentation needs appears rather promising, especially for substantial emotionally involvement buy procedures.

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