Do not Forget Sponsorships in the Marketing Mix

Do not Forget Sponsorships in the Marketing Mix

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from adding sponsorships to the marketing mix. I've always been a big fan of sponsorships because they generate brand awareness among large groups of people and build and strengthen ties with the community (or other important publics). The key to ensuring that your sponsorship is a win / win for you and the event or cause you are supporting is to select sponsor invitations that align with the brand, reputation and core principles of your business.

Here are several things to consider when contemplating your next sponsorship opportunity:

1. What is the history of the event or cause: Before signing on as sponsor, it would be beneficial to learn the history of the event / cause seeking sponsorship support. A few things to research are the success of the event / cause, previous sponsors and even past press coverage.

2. What will you receive as sponsor: Before you commit as a sponsor, know in definite terms what you will receive in return. Some of your benefits as sponsor might be your company logo being placed on promotional materials; submissions in press releases, Web communications, print and / or broadcast ads and videos; onsite event signage; complimentary event passes; and speaking appointments.

3. Are in-kind donates acceptable: Monetary support is not the only way to serve as a sponsor. You also can lend a hand by donating assistance like gift certificates, staff, or your expertise in a particular area.

Another benefit of sponsorships is that you can leverage your participation long after your commitment has passed. Promote your businesses' support of important causes by adding information to your website, marketing collateral, videos and press releases. Overall, sponsorships are a great way to let your customers know that you are committed to investing in people who choose to invest in you.

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