From Niche Marketing to Fragmentation

From Niche Marketing to Fragmentation

Imagine about anything Bill Cosby claimed and question oneself “how does this use to your present marketing.” Cosby mentioned “I do not know the crucial to achievements, but the vital to failure is trying to remember to anyone.”

Are you trying to be every little thing to every person? Are you even making an attempt to be one unique issue to anyone?

Re-take a look at your marketing strategy and trim the fat and concentration on pretty particular market marketplaces. Heck, go even more than market marketing and fragment that area of interest to micro stages.

For example there are two broad marketplaces that relate to some of our choices. They are “traders” and “traders”. These are two pretty distinctive and unique teams of people which solution shares and futures trading entirely distinctive.

So we go to the internal area of interest markets of “traders” and glimpse at “stock traders”, “futures & commodity traders”, and “forex trading traders”.

In fragmenting these marketplaces we go on a micro degree to produce several chances these kinds of as “stock day traders”, “emini stock working day traders”, “futures working day traders”, “index futures day traders”. How about options trading? You have “inventory options traders”, “futures options traders” and “fx options traders.”

The wants, would like, ideal, will have to haves, must haves, and many others of just about every fragmented group are distinctive.

While they all want to make money in how they trade, why they trade and what they trade … receiving to the output calls for different enter and processes.

By comprehension this and marketing accordingly, you can much more strategically and intelligently build up monster profits as you cater to the unique custom-made requirements for each individual fragment.

Get a glimpse at your market? Are you focusing on a area of interest ideal now? If not, what are the probable niches inside the broader market place you are concentrating on? If you are concentrating on a market, what are the attainable fragments of that specialized niche?

For instance, quite a few would consider Gardening to be a specialized niche. Within this niche you have “forms of gardens”, like the well-known Japanese Yard.

Nevertheless, when fragmenting the Japanese Backyard garden down on a micro amount, you have “tea gardens”, “rock gardens” and even “drinking water gardens” which all symbolize “sorts of” Japanese Gardens.

A swift appear at these unique types of Japanese Gardens will reveal that, whilst they do have needs that are comparable, they have numerous wants that unique.

What other kinds of Gardens are there? How about “Organic Gardens”? How about a “Vegetable Garden”? What about Vegetation? How many distinct sorts of plants are there that individuals improve in their gardens? How could these probably be fragmented? Perhaps “Roses” and “Tulips” could represent fragments.

How about “Indoor Back garden”, “Outside Backyard garden” or “Yard Household furniture” as some other brief illustrations for feasible fragments?

Make certain you find out the electric power of heading further than the specialized niche current market and into fragmenting niches into even smaller, much more distinct and specialized items to confident up even larger income from much better micro positioning.

Look to dominate fragments which can direct to dominance in the market. Absolutely sure, you will conclusion up with less purchasers and buyers on a fragmented amount. Nonetheless, these will be much better purchasers and clients … and when it comes to fragmented marketing less is far more when then are faithful.

Copyright 2005 Stephen Pierce

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