I’ve Listened to Of Dubai, But Where In Hell Is Al Ain?

I’ve Heard Of Dubai, But Where In Hell Is Al Ain?

Prior to getting presented a job at Al Ain, my spouse experienced frequented Dubai and I had go through thoroughly about the a lot of 5 star resorts, tax cost-free zone, gold industry, frenetic building and growth systems and quite a few significant capital value, leading edge courses being carried out at Dubai. I heard very little of the UAE’s capital metropolis Abu Dhabi and certainly almost nothing about Al Ain, which is considerably less than 200km from Dubai … the UAE’s, if not the world’s greatest kept key.

When very first presented a agreement to instruct in the School of Business at Al Ain Women’s College I appeared at a map of the UAE and was astonished that Al Ain was near the border of Oman and appeared a lengthy way from Dubai. Thinking in Australian conditions I quickly believed it was at the very least a thousand kilometres from Dubai … an outpost desert village with filth roadways, couple retailers and nothing at all a great deal to do soon after hrs. It did not appear to be all that engaging at initial, but when I realised how pretty tiny the UAE is in comparison with Australia and entered “Al Ain, UAE” in Google, factors started to tumble into put.

Al Ain was a lot less than 200 km from Dubai and was a present day town of 400,000 folks. A tad much larger than my property town in Central Australia with a paltry 25,000 people today. Photos I observed had been of a clear, properly laid out town with extensive streets, a good deal of greenery and a pseudonym “Backyard of the Gulf”. When I arrived right here I was each shocked and happy.

In this article was a delightful metropolis in which it was apparent that the municipality and persons had a terrific feeling of civic pride. The lots of arterial roads are divided and perfectly made with eco-friendly, cast iron fences working alongside raised, grass median strips. The Arabian fashion architecture was vastly distinct from that I had experienced anywhere in Australia … palatial structures with broad window spaces, flat roofs and large, ornately decorated fences. Quite a few of the fences would have expense more to construct than my full home at Alice Springs. All over the place I appeared there have been signals of large prosperity.

Al Ain has 400 round-abouts, a lot of of which are ornately embellished with animals, an Arabian coffee pot, or a world atlas to title a few. Therefore, we locals refer to a site as becoming near to a specified round-about eg, the zoo roundabout or the camel round-about. The avenue names are inclined to be extensive and bewildering for us Westerners, so round-about language is much easier.

Al Ain, literally translates as “The Oasis” and the original oases can be found nestled among the elements of the city which is spread in excess of a broad, flat simple. With their jam-packed date palms and open up concrete waterways, they are however generating dates as they have finished for hundreds of many years. So way too, the souks, or marketplaces are open up for business. They are divided by product eg, the Camel Souk, Vegetable Souk, the Animal Souk and many others.

In the souks you can deal for the ideal price for anything at all and normally get a substantially reduced price. This is not achievable in the malls, but is in some cases achievable in just the smaller sized corporations about the town.

There are two massive malls at Al Ain, Al Jimi and Al Ain Malls and there are basically hundreds of small shops unfold from 1 stop of the town to the other, usually grouped by product form. Apparently, the word Saloon has been mistakenly adopted from the English Salon so that a single sees signs for Saloons just about everywhere and first thoughts are that there ought to be a substantial range of people today imbibing on alcoholic beverages. Alas, that is absolutely not the circumstance. But you can get your hair slash at any amount of saloons with varying effects, in particular if the staff do not speak your indigenous tongue.

As the UAE is an Islamic nation, there are limitations on in which and when you can get or consume alcoholic beverages. Al Ain has 3 suburban inns that serve alcoholic beverages and at the leading of stunning Jebel Hafit (Jebel Mountain) which divides Oman and Al Ain, there is the Mercure Inn which also serves alcohol. Apart from that, unfortunately, you cannot get pleasure from a meal at any of the internal metropolis dining establishments and knock back a glass of wine. These with liquor licences can buy bulk liquor at numerous “hole-in-the-wall” stores.

If you keep at Al Ain, it can be substantially more relaxed and a excellent deal less costly than Dubai and there are buses leaving commonly involving the two cities and the price of journey is also ridiculously cheap. There are several sights to be witnessed at Al Ain. Aside from the two oases, there is Al Ain Museum with artifacts extending back hundreds of several years right before the Islamic period, the Palace Museum, Inexperienced Mubazzareh (an expansive picnic location at the foundation of Jebel Hafit which is inexperienced and attractive), and it’s usually intriguing to take a look at the industrial space at Sanaiya. Sanaiya has the unique assert to fame of possessing 38,000 males and 365 women in it’s statistical district. But a lot more attention-grabbing are the hundreds of small firms that do nearly anything everyone could probably want done, normally immediately and inexpensively. Most labour is expatriate labour with Indians and Asians remaining predominant between the populous. There are only all over 2,500 Caucasian expats in Al Ain, most other UAE Caucasians residing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The United Arab Emirates is a pretty, progressive state in spite of the point that it is mostly sand. The persons are pleasant, welcoming persons who welcome people with open arms and make each energy to make 1 experience welcome. Their variation of Islam is tolerant of other religions and accommodates our require for pork and alcohol despite the fact that they are overseas to the tradition.

If you pay a visit to Dubai, do you a favour and hop on a bus to Al Ain. You could effortlessly expend a few or 4 delightful times right here and it will tremendously add to your working experience of the Center East and its people.

As our Arab pals say, “salam alaykom” (Peace be with you).

Copyright 2007 Robin Henry | Printed 8 March 2007

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