Levels of SAP NetWeaver BW

Levels of SAP NetWeaver BW

The SAP Business Warehouse has certain layers that are responsible for trusted facts acquisition and information and facts processing in addition to quality analytical abilities. According to the capabilities and apps in the software, the distinctive levels in SAP BW are:

A) Extraction layer
B) Staging layer
C) Transformation layer
D) Loading layer
E) Reporting and analysis layer

A) Extraction layer:

The extraction layer is the selection of info from source methods. It aims to safe the integrity of knowledge though getting rid of reporting troubles on the supply units. Data can be extracted from an array of various resources.

SAP NetWeaver BW offers predefined, customizable extractors for software information from the whole SAP Suite. You can also structure extractors for customized SAP applications. Most extractors for SAP software transaction data are delta-enabled, which interprets to mean that transactions can be published to a delta queue at the time of submission. They are then extracted from this delta queue into SAP BW.

Direct extraction from databases based on desk or see definitions using DB Hook up and UD Hook up extraction interfaces. DB Link (Databases Connection) permits the extraction from and direct use of info lying in tables or sights of database management methods. This element is offered primarily for some precise databases. UD Link (Universal Details Link) permits the extraction

from and direct obtain to each relational and multidimensional info.

World wide web providers permit you to force info to the SAP BW system with external management.

Flat file interface makes it possible for extraction from flat data files in ASCII and CSV structure.

Staging BAPIs (Staging Business Application Programming Interfaces) are open up interfaces from which third-bash resources can extract knowledge from much more aged programs. The information transfer can be brought on by a ask for from the SAP BW system or by a third-bash software.

Info is acquired from SAP BW applying a pull manner, by objects referred to as InfoPackages. Options for the data acquisition can be set in the InfoPackage.

B) Staging layer:

Extracted information is acquired and temporarily stored in the staging layer of SAP NetWeaver BW. The data staging layer merchants source details from distinctive operational resources. When details is inside of of the staging layer all required transformations can then arise without interfering with the functions in the resource units. Info is also preprocessed for purifying right before calculation and/or aggregation centered on business specifications. This layer is typically represented by the persistent staging location (PSA), in which details is stored in SAP BW just following it really is extracted. The technical structure of a PSA depends on the framework of the DataSource.

C) Transformation layer:

The transformation layer of SAP BW facilitates the consolidation, cleaning, and integration of details into the warehouse. Facts receives reworked from the source structure into the sought after destination knowledge format. Information transformation can consist of knowledge mapping and formulas.

D) Loading layer:

The actual method of pushing info through the transformation layer into the information targets. A facts transformation system (DTP) transforms the facts primarily based on the parameters identified concerning the DataSource and the info target.

E) Reporting and Analysis layer:

In the reporting and assessment layer, stories and dashboards are set alongside one another to screen knowledge in a structure where analysis can be finished. The parts that embody the reporting and investigation layer are organized alongside one another in the SAP business explorer (BEx) toolset and much more not too long ago the Business Objects toolset.

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