Linguistic Minorities in India

Linguistic Minorities in India

However the Structure of India does not determine the word ‘Minority’ and only refers to ‘Minorities’ and speaks of individuals ‘based on faith or language’, the legal rights of the minorities have been spelt out in the Constitution in depth. Supreme Courtroom by its judgment has outlined minority as “community, which is numerically significantly less than 50 p.c” (SR das CJ). This statistical criterion prevail with the Kerala High Court docket also which, in A.M.Patroni v. Kesavan, defined minority to imply the same factor as it meant to the Supreme Court.

A linguistic minority is a group of persons whose mom tongue is different from that of the vast majority in the state or section of the state. Linguistic minorities are decided on a state-wise basis.

Essential Constitutional provision

i. ideal of ‘any part of the citizens’ to ‘conserve’ its ‘distinct language, script or culture’ [Article 29(1)]
ii. restriction on denial of admission to any citizen, to any academic establishment maintained or aided by the State, ‘on grounds only of faith, race, caste, language or any of them’ [Article 29(2)]
iii. right of all Spiritual and Linguistic Minorities to set up and administer academic establishments of their preference[Article 30(1)]
iv. independence of Minority-managed instructional establishments from discrimination in the subject of receiving assist from the State[Article30(2)]
v. distinctive provision relating to the language spoken by a area of the inhabitants of any State[Article 347]
vi. provision for facilities for instruction in mother-tongue at major stage[Article 350 A]
vii. provision for a Specific Officer for Linguistic Minorities and his responsibilities and [Article 350 B]

Protection of linguistic minority

1) Each individual aggrieved man or woman has the ideal to submit a illustration for the redress of any grievance to any officer or authority (state/union) in any language utilised in union and state. I.e. illustration cannot be turned down on ground that it is not official language.

2) Each and every state and community authority in the state really should offer ample facility for instruction in mother tongue at primary stage to persons belonging to minorities. President can issue vital course for this function.

3) Specific Officer for Linguistic minority.

• Short article 350 b included through 7th constitutional modification.
• Appointed by president.
• His obligation is to examine all make any difference relating to safeguards supplied for linguistic minorities.
• No mention of qualification, tenure, income and many others. in structure.
• Commissioner headquarter is at Allahabad. Regional place of work at Belgaum, Chennai, Kolkata.
• At central amount falls underneath Ministry of minority affairs. As a result submit its annual or other stories to President as a result of Ministry of minority affairs.

Other Constitutional provision connected to use of language

1. Post 120(Business in parliament)
2. Article 210(Business in legislature of state)
3. Write-up 343(official language)
4. Short article 344
5. Report 345
6. Post 346
7. Report 348
8. Post 349
9. Posting 350
10. Eighth Timetable of constitutions

Current state of languages in India

1) The UNESCO-Environment Atlas of Languages in Hazard for India lists 172 languages in threat, out of which 101 are categorized as severely, critically or surely endangered and 71 “susceptible” (A complete listing of India’s endangered languages is offered by the “Atlas of the World’s Languages in Threat” (Christopher Moseley, ed., UNESCO, Paris 2010).

2) Only 22 out of far more than 1,600 languages were officially regarded in the country under the VIII Agenda.

Modern Improvement (Why in Information)

1) Legislature committee has proposed the state government (Karnataka) to DE-realize ‘linguistic minority’ standing of 10 private dental schools for denying admissions to linguistic minority learners in under-graduate and post-graduate classes.

2) Discussion on Use of Hindi.

Way Forward

1) Only spiritual minorities are staying viewed as for government scholarship strategies. But the Structure suggests minorities can be religious as properly as linguistic, the government presents scholarships only on faith foundation. This must be prolonged to linguistic minorities also.

2) Instructional establishments must not be allowed to misuse their “linguistic minority” position.

3) No coercion regarding use of Hindi need to be done to non-Hindi talking men and women.

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