Overview of the Franchise Business in Myanmar

Overview of the Franchise Business in Myanmar

Franchise firms are increasing at a rate more rapidly than any other sector of the financial state. And they’re generating work opportunities at a quicker pace way too.

In The usa for the fifth consecutive yr, 2015 is envisioned to see one more huge expansion – 5.1% in accordance to projections from the Global Franchise Affiliation.

In the Uk advancement from 2003 to 2013, when the most current equivalent data is out there, demonstrates that franchising expanded by 42% in phrases of its turnover, perfectly forward of the 11.5% progress in genuine GDP.

And in Myanmar????? Yes Myanmar – the new lucrative Asian franchise sector.

New to the franchise industry it naturally lags driving its Asian neighbours: Indonesia has 486 franchise manufacturers and 39,000 stores Malaysia has 666 makes and 5066 retailers Philippines has 1500 manufacturers and 140,000 shops and Singapore has 500 models and 3000 shops (PFA). The industry in these countries, as in United states and United kingdom, creates jobs and contributes to GDP. Myanmar aims to comply with this and has lately established up their have Franchise Association.

At present the Affiliation has lots of hurdles to prevail over specially as it has restricted legal powers and the Government does not absolutely help the group, but it is early times. For franchisors, Myanmar has been observed as the remaining Asian frontier and is attracting fascination from overseas countries, Japanese and Korean food franchises are specifically well known. These chains will generally continue to keep some of their domestic food flavor items to differentiate and catch the attention of customers trying to find traditional flavours. Greater title organizations this kind of as KFC and Starbucks are actively studying Myanmar as the lower overheads and absence of level of competition are crucial drivers of entry.

Myanmar has a populace of about 50 million shoppers and the SME business thrives, accounting for 97% of all organizations. For these smaller sized firms a more arranged franchise program would give them the chance to examine franchising as a route for expansion. At present there are at the moment about 50 key franchise models in the place but as the franchise restrictions improve and franchise expertise will become a lot more popular we hope to start a sharp upturn in this range.

Presidential economic adviser, U Aung Tun Thet, stated that the key hurdle is not a lack of particular regulations or associations, but just a lack of know-how of how franchises operate.

There are concrete methods that can be taken to support improvement of franchises, Myanmar’s franchise association ought to be recognised and supported by the government an. With any luck , the Government will pay attention and franchising will be a sturdy contributor to GDP and an economic driver in excess of the coming a long time.

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