Promising Suggestions: Technological Innovation In India

Promising Suggestions: Technological Innovation In India

The eight teams of engineering college students all presented excellent, imaginative ways to assist preserve the environment, one particular notion at a time. The strategies were presented in the finals of the Al Gore Sustainable Technology ventures competitors recently at IIT-Madras, and I was fortunate plenty of to be just one of the judges.

All the shows in the competition were extraordinary. Just one was from a workforce from IIT-Kharagpur that advised greater methods to desalinate sea water – a most welcome thought as considerably of the environment faces water shortages, now or in the upcoming.

Yet another thought, introduced by a staff from Sastra College, Thanjavur, proposed a new signifies of capturing carbon from industrial exhaust to make reliably low-cost industry-quality Carbon Nanotubes (CNT).

This could be important for a amount of factors, I uncovered. For a person, it could significantly decrease carbon emissions from industrial furnaces.

For a different, we need to have new and greater means of manufacturing CNT their unique molecular structure delivers each power and chemical capabilities that are paving the way for advancements in nanotechnology, optics, electronics, architecture and other fields that have an effect on our every day good quality of life.

“We can create Carbon Nanotubes at a fraction of the current intercontinental selling prices,” a single of the Sastra College pupils informed the sentences.

The level of competition was the consequence of initiatives led by Prof. Oopali Operajita, a senior adviser to many Indian parliamentarians. The unique attribute of this levels of competition, as opposed to other technologies venture competitions, is that 33% of the marks ended up for sustainability parameters.

Another clever notion was a style that leveraged gravity and buoyancy to enhance the efficiency of electricity technology. This could be applied to mini-electrical power crops that work at a neighborhood amount. An additional early-phase strategy was a new approach for generating algae-based biofuels – a low-priced and economical source of energy for the foreseeable future.

We judges, a lot of of us venture capitalists, obtained to conversing over lunch and agreed that a amount of these budding technological innovation entrepreneurs would end up at best consulting companies and banking institutions – buying and selling in their dreams for a soft job with a multinational.

Even the several who managed to resist this temptation and basically produce a startup may perhaps not have the skills and expertise to efficiently control a business. What they want is a mix of entrepreneurial zest and dynamism with a smattering of knowledge and maturity – what an Eric Schmidt brought to Google.

At the close of the competitiveness I was struck by the expertise base in the region as effectively as the potential of these youthful persons to create contemporary strategies.

The colleges by themselves have established up entrepreneurship and innovation resources where numerous of these youngsters were able to elevate up to Rs. 10 lacs as first seed funding. There are also a variety of Indian and intercontinental competitions that give them a system to current and exam out their thoughts.

This is an great commencing position. What we need to have much more of is a Silicon Valley variety of ecosystem, where by these youngsters can entry mentors as properly as executive talent. They will need angels to help them – fiscally and administratively – to polish their ideas into viable business prospects.

We have a several angel networks like the Mumbai Angels and the Chennai Angels, but we will need lots of additional people to lead time and cash to build on these strategies. Even if only a number of of these ventures get off, they can produce a significant variance not just for India but for the environment.

Do share your personal thoughts on how to market innovative ventures in this nation (by the way, the Carbon Nanotubes thought won very first put, and desalination was 2nd).

And, although you are busy performing more durable, but not smarter, a lot of CEOs are completely FEDUP of your lack of creativity and collaboration expertise.

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