The “Cake Mix” Just isn’t the Consumer Encounter… YOU ARE

The “Cake Mix” Is just not the Consumer Experience… YOU ARE

If you sat down ideal now and another person requested you which “Cake Mix” they should really obtain to make a birthday cake, could you explain to them? Could you identify off the greatest cake mix you have at any time knowledgeable and tell them this was head and shoulders above all the other (50) makes of cake mix on the shelf? And if you could don’t forget the title of the cake mix, could you, without having issue, notify them that it is by much the complete finest cake mix in the sector? Regrettably, the response for most of us will be NO to all of the earlier mentioned concerns.

There are a ton of cake mixes on any grocery or specialty retail store shelf… and they all make pretty much the exact same cake. For your taste, some could possibly be a little creamier or richer or lighter or extra colorful but they are still offering a person detail… a cake. They are merely the commodity in the shopper encounter of a birthday or an additional event.

The next time you are at a birthday bash and they provide a home made cake (which is acquiring much more scarce in today’s world where by absolutely everyone has considerably less time) end and check with the man or woman who baked it which brand of cake mix they utilised. They may perhaps try to remember and if they do, request them WHY they chose that brand. The remedy really should further validate for you that this is surely a commodity with pretty very little differentiation to the buyer.

These days, except your product is anything more than the major incredibly unique and unique, it is a commodity. It is the Encounter that leads to them to converse about you, your product/support, your workers, or your company. In the illustration of the cake mix, this isn’t what receives talked about. Certain, the cake is delicious… they are all delicious… but it is just not what will get talked about, raved about, or shared on social media channels. It is the practical experience the cake was employed for that gets remembered and talked about… the birthday bash or anniversary or retirement celebration or some other special celebration. The cake could get an honorable point out but not the key stage… the principal phase is reserved for the expertise of how it built you really feel and the emotions you felt when you were part of the function.

And just to clarify, when another person does materialize to chat about the cake, it is typically about how awesome the cake was adorned or how exclusive they built it look for the receiver. It is the emotion that was made by the decorating that induced the cake to get talked about, not the precise cake or cake mix. But you previously know this and as you are looking at I am positive you are declaring this is particularly what happens when you go to an party.


What could you do as the cake company that takes a “commodity” product known as the cake mix and turns it into a differentiated product? The 1st thing to understand is that it isn’t the recipient (the person with the birthday) that is your target viewers… at minimum not initially. If you want your product to stand out you have to give an outstanding encounter to the human being dependable for the cake (the man or woman baking the cake). THEY are the types you want to differentiate your encounter with so they are unable to wait to communicate about you when the birthday group raves about their cake. This is a quite crucial stage a lot of businesses skip together the way… who is the focused audience for your experience? While it is normally much more than 1 human being, it has to commence with somebody who will be the “catalyst” to communicate about the working experience.

Place oneself in the position of the cake mix company and request yourself how you (the company) can enable the person creating the cake (the very first level recipient of your working experience) have an brilliant knowledge. Much of this is heading to revolve all over some variety of “CONTENT” since you do not frequently interact face-to-encounter with the buyer. It is offered by means of a grocery retailer so they command the obtaining encounter. But the moment they get the cake mix house, this is wherever you get to acquire management.


  • The cake mix was interactive… there was a very simple url in the commencing of the instructions that went to a video demonstrating stage by move particularly what to do and what it was meant to look like along the way
  • The cake mix experienced movie or print about easy matters you could do to “increase” the cake mix to give it particular flavoring or texture or something distinctive
  • You gave a connection to a Pinterest website page that showed an overall library of examples of how they could make the cake glance breathtaking and for whatsoever event
  • On the Pinterest web page, there was a hyperlink to yet another online video with quick to use guidelines on how to make this amazing cake
  • There was a “Chat” line or an 800 line you could connect with promptly if you experienced any inquiries at all and they could enable you as a result of building the cake the way you needed
  • … you supplied many other ways to Assistance YOUR Buyer provide the most effective cake they have at any time built?

Would the client now say, “WOW, this was extremely useful and no other cake mix company has ever performed just about anything near to this for me… I have complete confidence in my means to make an awesome cake with them by my side and commonly available to assistance me.” They would most most likely not only be joyful with you but seem at you in a Wholly DIFFERENTIATED WAY.

Now what comes about when they provide the cake to the recipient and the get together… they have a significantly larger likelihood of raving about you, the simple cake mix company than they at any time would have prior to. Now when an individual asks them how did they make this sort of an brilliant and remarkable cake, they are in all probability likely to say, “Thank you… this was so effortless and the XYZ Cake Mix Company was wonderful… they assisted me just about every action of the way and gave me some extraordinary strategies about how to make it flavor wonderful and even finish recommendations on how to adorn it so it appeared expert… I could not have accomplished it with no them.”

This is how Term-OF-MOUTH comes about… this is how you take a commodity product and flip it into a memorable experience… a person they will chat about… just one they will share… a single they will keep in mind… one particular that is Remarkable!

Can you translate this into your own company or nonprofit or church or professional companies company or just about anything else that creates or sells a commodity product? How can you use the classes of the basic “cake mix company” to assistance your own cake mix stand out? How can you change your possess products and solutions/services that have been commoditized by your level of competition into anything exclusive like the cake mix company could do with flour, sugar, eggs, and water?

This is the best time to generate a strategy… a differentiated strategy… that focuses on staying creative and modern in the Style OF Experience YOU COULD Produce TO YOUR Shoppers. Now is the time for you to toss absent all the reasons why the level of competition is winning and why you have to keep cutting costs and why you won’t be able to look to get the margins you want and CHANGE THE Game. If a cake mix company can make it materialize, I guess you can as properly. If you might be trapped, shoot me a message and I will assistance you get “unstuck” and shifting forward… absolutely everyone who has the vision and drive and enthusiasm can deliver a definitely impressive and awesome cake!!

And, when you are hectic performing more difficult, but not smarter, lots of CEOs are thoroughly FEDUP of your absence of creativity and collaboration competencies.

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