The Product Life Cycle – Every single Stage’s (Introduction, Advancement, Maturity, Decrease) Influence on Price

The Product Life Cycle – Every single Stage’s (Introduction, Development, Maturity, Decrease) Influence on Price

What is the Product Life Cycle?

There are quite a few diverse types to be located that describe the product life cycle, some consisting of four, and others of 5 or 6 stages, and definitely the authentic globe is a great deal a lot more intricate. For this post, I will continue to keep it very easy and basic.

Product Life Cycle Stages:

1. Introduction

2. Progress

3. Maturity

4. Decrease

Outcome on Charges


During the introduction phase of a product, the price is usually greatest. This strategy has the objective of recovering progress costs as immediately as achievable to start off earning profit. For popular items, these as mobile phones, the concentrate on market’s need is relatively inelastic, which allows these greater charges billed throughout the introduction stage. Lots of customers try to have the latest technological innovation at all instances and are keen to fork out a high price to possess it.


Throughout the advancement stage, competitors has entered the marketplace raising the accessible total of a specific product and so increasing supply. With escalating competition, costs are established to a decreased phase to be competitive in the sector. In addition, companies have recovered progress expenses for profitable products and consequently can start charging lower rates and still earn a substantial profit.


The maturity stage of a product usually gets rid of firms that charge the greatest price for the specified product and thus even further improves low-price competition and leads to downward pressure on costs. In between providers, price ranges generally stabilize and most corporations offer a identical price. All through the maturity phase, prices involving competition usually reduce at a identical rate. Occasional raises in the price of a product (through the maturity stage) signify boost in prices of inputs, and so forth.


Through the decrease phase of a product, charges lower, due to the fact the providers that are remaining in the sector test to access as many buyers as doable. Some products and solutions endure to be so-referred to as specialty products and solutions and if supplied by 1 company in a geographical area, this company has pricing electric power and can thus extremely enhance rates once again.

Case in point

Each several months, Blackberry provides a new cellular mobile phone model into the industry. In its introduction phase, the demand is high for the new technological innovation and so, these products are priced at large costs. When competition increases when other companies bring telephones with identical capabilities into the market, prices decrease. Immediately after a number of months, when yet another new Blackberry model enters the marketplace, the “more mature” model enters the maturity phase and later the drop phase and price ranges lessen for this model.

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