Wealth Building Strategies – 4 Paths to Long Term Success

Wealth Building Strategies – 4 Paths to Long Term Success

You’ve been banging your head against a virtual wall for some time now wondering if this internet business of yours is ever going to make serious money, haven’t you? You know intellectually that the possibility of an excellent income is there, you’ve seen others who have done it, but all you’re getting is dribs and drabs of cash. What you want are some solid wealth building strategies that will put you on track to make this business be what you know it can be. Maybe it’s time to sit back and see where you are. Examine how you are organized, what you are selling, and where do you see it going. Wealth building doesn’t occur by accident, it’s the result of solid principals and superior planning. Here’s a couple of examples.

Strategy 1: Build Credibility and Offer Value

If you are just another affiliate marketer using advertising to drive traffic to a sales page don’t expect any long term wealth results. You have to give in order to receive. If you are just relying on a sales page to make sales then you are a commodity rather than something of value. Literally thousands of other people are doing the same thing you are and that means there is huge competition and if you don’t differentiate yourself from that mob, any sales you make will be based on mathematical probabilities as opposed to marketing skills,

Create a site that offers value not just a sales pitch. Give information away. Give your visitor a reason to come back. Make yourself different from the competition.

Strategy 2: Product Selection

If you are relatively new to internet marketing, chances are you are an affiliate marketer promoting one or more products that you found on ClickBank.com or PayDot.com or one of the other affiliate networks. You’re probably doing this because it was an easy way to get started. But was there any strategic wealth building thought that went into the products you selected? Where you more concerned about gravity and commission rate than the product itself? Do you even own the product?

Make sure whatever you are promoting has value. There is a ton of junk affiliate products. Before you select one, ask yourself if you would sell it to your mother. Would she be happy or disappointed that her kid tried to scam her?

Strategy 3: Multiple Revenue Streams

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Look beyond that first product and see what other products compliment. If you started with a dog training book maybe it’s time to add other dog products like electric dog fences or simple collars. That could lead to an entirely new niche if you put up a review site on pet friendly hotels. Advertise dog carriers, leashes and other travel related pet products. The idea is not to be a one trick pony. Have multiple evergreen products in your promotion lineup. That’s just good strategy.

Strategy 4: The Customer Controls Your Future

This is the most important and most overlooked of the wealth building strategies on the internet. Because there is no face to face sales transaction its easy to think of the customer simply as a number in the sales report. Wrong. They are people who can trash you or praise you and buy from you again depending how you treat them

You absolutely want to build lists that allow you to send visitors and customers more free information. This builds credibility and loyalty, and that’s the key to wealth building strategies online.

And, while you are busy working harder, but not smarter, many CEOs are totally FEDUP of your lack of creativity and collaboration skills.

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