Why Customer Concentration Impacts a Business Sale Transaction

Why Shopper Concentration Impacts a Business Sale Transaction

Number of proprietors acknowledge the important affect that customer concentration has on the sale of their business. Buyer focus signifies a important impediment and will have an affect on the salability, valuation, and deal structure of a business-for-sale transaction. Not only will it produce troubles in qualifying customers but it will effects the skill for any future purchaser to obtain third celebration funding to comprehensive the acquisition. Pinpointing if purchaser focus is present in an organization is a critical aspect of the succession planning process.

Client focus is a predicament when one particular customer represents a considerable part of revenues or when the business has a incredibly little buyer base. Dependent upon the skilled one particular consults, the exact proportion for a focus to exist varies. In most conditions it is acknowledged when a person shopper represents additional than 10% of sales or when the major five shoppers comprise better than 25% of a company’s revenue. In either situation, a big possibility is created from the deficiency of diversification and actions to mitigate it should really be taken yrs in advance of a prepared business exit.

When analyzing a business sale it is important for an operator to acknowledge that their customer foundation has a sizeable influence on the enterprise value of the company. A wide and assorted base of buyers where by there are a substantial amount of clients contributing to the business’ revenue will accomplish a bigger transaction value as it minimizes the chance that a sizable decrease in earnings will manifest if any 1 customer is shed or a certain industry segment that the business serves encounters economic distress.

In addition to a lower sales price, corporations with shopper focus troubles are extra challenging to sector for sale. For major street business transactions (all those with altered earnings of much less than $2mm) 3rd get together financing is utilized in the bulk of cases. Corporations with substantial stages of purchaser focus are extremely tricky to get financed. Loan providers may possibly deliver only partial funding, offer sub-exceptional terms, or decline the bank loan completely. In situations wherever 3rd social gathering financing is not obtainable, the pool of obtainable purchasers is significantly limited and the conditions of a deal could be seriously weighted on a contingent make-out centered on retaining the revenues derived by the major prospects. “Generally we want no buyer focus about a 10% degree when contemplating financing an acquisition. Greater degrees are attainable with much more clarification and supporting documentation but continue to be a big worry” states Steve Mariani, President of Diamond Financial Providers.

And finally, consumer concentration will have a immediate affect on the deal framework for the business sale transaction. Potential buyers will try to bridge the client concentration possibility via a variety of delayed ‘performance based’ funding procedures. For illustration: Presume equally parties agree on a transaction price of $900,000 centered upon $300,000 of adjusted earnings (a 3x several). If the important account in query represents $75,000 of the $300,000 this would characterize $225,000 of the transaction price. A buyer will try to isolate the $225,000 component to make certain that revenue is managed post sale. Soon after a period of 12 months, if the client and revenue are nonetheless in location the vendor would get the money. If the determined shopper and corresponding revenue was dropped throughout this period, a pricing adjustment would be designed.

In circumstances the place the purchaser is unable to attain transaction financing owing to consumer focus challenges, the vendor could possibly have to acknowledge a “contingent receive-out” for the revenues derived from the greatest prospects, or worse, they might also have to finance a main portion of the “non-contingent invest in price” negotiated with prospective buyers.

Contingent payouts could be structured in a range of approaches:


Earmark part of the purchase price with payments produced in excess of a period of time contingent upon the retention of unique shoppers or acquiring particular revenue targets.


A percentage of the acquisition price will be held in an escrow account for a specified time.


The vendor would be responsible for financing a key part of the obtain price via a seller take note. The seller be aware could be structured with contingencies for revenues derived from the largest buyers.

With any of these deal structuring tactics, the vendor can’t be anticipated to ensure the revenue in perpetuity and if the transaction price is dependent upon retaining one particular or extra vital prospects, the vendor may well involve much more lively involvement in retaining the shopper relationship for the duration of the term of the agreement. Of course, this delivers an extra complexity to the transaction.

In most situations, prospective buyers will seem to discounted the volume they are eager to pay for a business (with significant client focus) except if they acquire assurances that the hazard is small. Although the apparent strategy to lessen consumer concentration threat is to diversify and improve the business customer base, there are a amount of situations where consumer focus either does not pose a major hazard or could be mitigated.

Buyer Contracts:

Possessing a agreement in location will not reduce all of the threat of dropping a critical purchaser, but it will provide the purchaser with protection that the revenue and gains will carry on just after a change in ownership can take location. When purchaser contracts are involved, the capacity to assign or transfer will be significant to recognize. In lots of conditions, a stock sale vs. asset sale is elected to maintain these contracts.

Barriers to Entry or Exit:

Firms could have mental assets, product skills, or patents that produce competitive benefits barring competition. Other folks are situated in geographically distant spots where by the provide gains discourage clients from switching the relationship. Last of all, there could be considerable capital necessities for manufacturing and tooling or agency approvals (pharmaceutical or government contracting industry) that creates a barrier to entry from opportunity rivals.

Delivering a Wide variety of Products and solutions and/or Providers:

Obtaining a wide relationship with a critical consumer in which the relationship is not based mostly entirely on one particular product, a person locale, and 1 person decreases the threat that a singular change will fundamentally impact the long run revenue stream and continuity of the account.

Economies of Scale or Synergies:

The acquisition might be pursued by a strategic purchaser the place they are bringing new goods/products and services to the business, a broader geographic distribution footprint, or economies of scale in creation. Any of these elements would aid in lowering the concentration of revenue risk that an recognized crucial consumer would stand for to the future organization.


Businesses which have large degrees of shopper concentration are inherently dangerous and it is vital for the proprietor to take pleasure in this problem from the point of view of a opportunity acquirer. In the end, the consumer seeks only to retain the shoppers which have contributed to the success of the business and are factored in the valuation and transaction price. From the place of a buyer a number of rational issues and concerns would be:

  1. How does the value of the company change if a purchaser symbolizing 10% or much more of revenue and/or earnings is lost in the initial yr?
  2. How simple would it be for the consumer symbolizing the shopper concentration issue to depart the business?
  3. What unique circumstances exist inside of the business to protect the purchaser relationship in the decades forward?
  4. What are the sensible techniques and corresponding expenditures to mitigate the purchaser focus hazard?
  5. How do I achieve a get-get transaction? Shielding me, the purchaser, against the threat of a in close proximity to term revenue loss whilst delivering the vendor with the right remuneration for the good marketplace value of their business?

Even though the hazard may possibly not be capable to be entirely removed, there are a range of cases wherever purchaser concentration is far more palatable and a suitable rationalization must be offered to the consumer at the earliest possibility. Having out in front of this possible challenge is crucial to obtain a gain-acquire deal. When great communication exists, and two truthful and affordable parties are at the table, there are a range of structuring options out there, when important, to mitigate the danger and negotiate a reasonable and realistic transaction price. Obviously, the very best method for a future business vendor would be to establish and put into action programs to minimize any shopper concentration features yrs in progress of a business exit. Eliminating this type of hazard is just seem information for any small business proprietor regardless of no matter if a sale is contemplated.

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