KÖE Organic and natural Kombucha | Blueberry Ginger | Dwell Probiotics | 12oz. Shelf Stable Cans (12 Pack)

Price: $35.88
(as of Nov 18,2018 02:58:17 UTC – Details)

Plump, ripe blueberry joins refreshing ginger to build deliciously invigorating KÖE Blueberry Ginger. A tangy combination with just the appropriate sum of sweet that just could surprise you. With billions of Lactospore Probiotics for every can, KÖE is the simple consuming, great tasting, fruit forward friendly kombucha. KÖE Organic and natural Kombucha is a wonderful tasting, balanced substitute to traditional Kombucha and soda. Made with serious organic and natural fruit juices & purees with a touch of natural and organic cane sugar to sweeten, KÖE is a USDA Licensed Organic and natural, Non-GMO, Kosher Licensed, Vegan, Gluten Absolutely free, shelf-stable beverage that contains no preservatives, synthetic substances, flavors, sweeteners, or colours.All the healthier gains of traditional Kombucha with a new unique fruit-forward style
Made working with serious natural and organic fruit juice & purees with a contact of natural cane sugar to sweeten
Fortified with Billions of Lactospore Probiotics
USDA Qualified Natural, Non-GMO Challenge Confirmed, Vegan, Kosher Qualified, Gluten No cost

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