Kombucha, Kefir, and Over and above

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Kombucha, Kefir, and Past consists of wholesome, innovative recipes and guidance to show you how to brew your possess mouth watering, probiotic drinks in your personal kitchen area.

Fermented foods have taken the environment by storm due to their health and true food rewards. They support improve digestion, permit us to superior assimilate natural vitamins and minerals, and improve the immune method. And of all fermented food items, drinks are some of the most versatile—and delicious!

You may be equipped to buy numerous fermented journeys in suppliers, but creating them at property is simple, cost-effective, and helps make them even superior for you. With just a couple of ingredients and materials, you can get started brewing your personal delectable beverages for your household. Kombucha, Kefir, and Over and above is packed with modern drink recipes, from healthful do-it-yourself sodas to common kvass and cider, that you can make in your property kitchen and enjoy all 12 months prolonged!
Inside, you will study:

  • Why to ferment your drinks
  • The record of fermentation and the value of classic food items
  • The rewards of fermented beverages to your health
  • All the fundamental principles: the course of action, the equipment, and how to get started
  • 5-moment recipes for lassis, fermented lemonade, and more
  • How to use starters to make kombucha, kefir, root beer, wine, and others once again and once again
  • Age-outdated recipes for kvass, switchel, vinegar, and mead
  • Everything you need to know about why the recipes work, why they are harmless, what to do if they go improper, and how to modify them to match your flavor

Raise a glass to excellent health with Kombucha, Kefir, and Further than.

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