Quaker State 550044962 10W-30 Motor Oil (SN/GF-5, 5qt. Jug), 160. Fluid_Ounces

Price: $16.44
(as of Nov 08,2019 02:05:31 UTC – Details)

Quaker State Sophisticated Toughness Motor Oils are formulated to provide steady wear and viscosity protection all over the life of the oil. Unbiased laboratory assessments show that Quaker State Innovative Longevity beat industry dress in conventional with 3X superior put on protection. The used oil (conventional oil drain, for the auto), also move the Industry Normal. Use is just one of the hardest enemies your motor faces. It can reduce engine life and rob you of power. That’s why Highly developed Toughness Motor Oils are engineered to decrease put on and shield from significant temperature and serious provider operation.Protects against corrosion and consists of acid neutralizing additives to stop combustion acids from corroding your motor
Meets or exceeds North American guarantee necessities for globally motor vehicle suppliers which include European, Japanese and US
Offers remain in quality viscosity all over the oil drain period
Highly developed Toughness Motor Oil is formulated to satisfy the fuel overall economy specifications of the GF-5 Industry typical

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